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Let us inform you that if you wish, Gentaur can produce the antibodies that you need.

Indeed, you will just have to send, or give us the materials that is needed to produce these antibodies and we will do it.


Gentaur's products


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Gentaur's classified antibodies


Custom AntibodiesMonoclonal AntibodiesPolyclonal AntibodiesSecondary Antibodies
Signaling AntibodiesGeneral antibodiesSpecifice AntibodiesATGEN


Gentaur News products


Annexin V Apoptosis kits     Assay Designs Oxidative Stress     Biotinylation Kits and Reagents     Borex Tubes


Brady Labpal     Cell Immortalization Vectors     Centrifuge Tubes     Cholera Toxin


 Customized Electrophoresis     DH5a Competent Cells     Et Br Substitutes     EvaGreen qPCR Master Mix


Flow Cytometry Antibodies     GeBAGel Protein Electrophoresis kit     Hemostasis & Thrombosis ELISA     HybridoMax Growth Supplement


Immunohistochemistry     Lightning-Link Conjugations     Luminescence & Fluorescence     Membrane Solutions


Neptune     Parasite Filtration System     PARP Pharmacodynamic     PrismR Refrigerated Microcentrifugeuse


Protein Extraction Tubes     Quantichrom Assays     Serologic Assay Kits     Spectrafuge


Thiobarbituric Acid Reactive Substances     Velocity DNA Polymerase    




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